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Save our crops from drought

I was so maudlin yesterday. The day after I have to take a Xanax is always such a struggle. I took one Tuesday night and spent most of Wednesday feeling very muted and sad. Today I feel clearheaded again, and I'm looking forward to really meeting our new staff person tomorrow. The three of us had dinner with her after her final interview in January, but it's hard to get to know someone still in interview mode in front of her prospective new boss.

I know I committed to getting my loans paid off by April, but I don't think I can wait that long. My job is extremely secure; I would have to steal something or show up drunk to get fired, and I would never do either of those things. So I'm doing something somewhat risky and raiding the rest of my emergency fund. I took $1200 out of it a few weeks ago to finish off my ACS loan, which knocked it down to $1700. I'm going to leave $1000 in it for, like, worst case scenario rent purposes, but everything else can go on my credit card (for points!). I don't know what that moves my payoff date to, but just doing something makes me feel better.

Even though I have no intentions of leaving this job for another 2-3 years, I also really want to work on my resume. It is patently terrible, and I have learned so much since I started here in 2012. I need to avail myself of both Internet resources and Heather.
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